What is the Neighbourhood House Sector

The Neighbourhood House and Learning Centre (NH&LC) sector is made up of three integrated components:

• The Association of Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres (ANHLC), a peak body organisation that represents, supports and coordinates the sector;

• Neighbourhood House Networks, which exist at the community, regional and municipal levels;

• Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres, which are community-owned and managed organisations that provide or host a range of programs and activities for their local community

Humpage, L Building Victorian Communities: outcomes of the Neighbourhood House & Learning Sector, The Centre for Applied Social Research, RMIT University. Melbourne, 2005

The Neighbourhood House and Learning Centre sector works within a community development framework. Change and growth occurs through informing and empowering individuals and communities. Houses and Centres do not seek to do for others but to empower others to do for themselves. Members are encouraged to be actively involved in decision making and to have ownership of the programs and activities in their house or centre. Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres integrate learning into all aspects of their activities.

Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres actively work to redress structural disadvantage in society through their philosophy, principles and practices. They are inclusive and supportive of people from diverse backgrounds and with varying abilities. Houses and Centres aim to improve the social, environmental, economic and cultural infrastructures within their communities.

ANHLC, The Neighbourhood House & Learning Sector framework, ANHLC inc.,March 2003




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